Thanks for your patience in this wild and unique season.

Due to the updated state guidance we will be able to restart league games on Sunday, January 17th. The games that were missed during the December/January pause will be rescheduled at the end of the season.  The league schedules below have been updated.

In the meantime, starting January 4th and continuing through January 16th the club will be open for team practice so you can get your curling legs back. Visit the Frogtown Store and reserve your spot!


Sunday 3:00 (updated 1/3)

Sunday 5:30 (updated 1/3)

Monday 6:00 (updated 1/3)

Monday 8:15 (updated 1/3)

Tuesday 6:00 (updated 1/3)

Tuesday 8:15 (updated 1/15)

Wednesday 6:00 (updated 1/19)

Wednesday 8:15 (updated 1/3)

Thursday 6:00 (updated 1/26)

Thursday 8:15 (updated 1/26)

Friday Mixed 6:00 (updated 1/15)

Good curling!