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Frogtown House Rules & Etiquette

Ice Maintenance

Please bring clean shoes to wear. Changing from your street shoes to a clean pair helps to keep debris off the ice. Any piece of sand or dirt left on the ice can cause a curling stone to “pick” or change course. Please help keep the ice clean by sweeping debris off the ice and clean off your broom head over waste receptacle after each use. Watch for brooms or clothing that scratch the ice, or clothing that sheds debris. If you notice anything that might be detrimental to play, please take steps to remove the offending item from the ice sheet. Please do not rest hands/ knees or warm objects on the ice for longer than necessary. They melt small impressions in the ice, again causing rocks to pick.

Game Play

Do not practice before your draw on the SAME sheet of ice that you are scheduled to play. This is considered an unfair advantage and poor etiquette. The winning team resets the stones and scoreboard, and cleans the sheet after the draw. Watch your speed of play; trust your skips call. Have fun, discuss strategy, but keep play moving and be ready when it’s your turn. After the final stone of an end, the thirds (vice skips) both agree to the score, and move the first stone. This signals the rest of the players to begin clearing the stones. The leads get ready to throw! The thirds update the scoreboard when convenient.


It is customary to socialize with your opponent after the draw (and during for that matter.) The winning team usually buys the first round of beverages. It is BYO food and drink, so please clean up after yourself. While you are curling, do not store your items in the waiting area; use the arena viewing area or the heated locker room. This keeps the tables and chairs available to others.

Upcoming Events

28 Oct 2022;
Spiel of the Dead
11 Nov 2022;
Fall Classic Bonspiel
02 Dec 2022;
Women's Spiel

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