We can teach you the basics of curling and have you off and playing during a fun afternoon or evening session.

Public Learn To Curl Clinics

During a curling clinic you will learn the rules and sportsmanship of curling. There is a brief classroom style instruction where you learn the terminology, basic strategy and general information such as ice is slippery, rocks are heavy, and both are very hard!

That is followed by on ice instruction on the form and techniques of throwing stones and sweeping. The remaining time is yours to scrimmage or practice. Instructors will remain on the ice for tips and advice.

What to Bring?

  • Carry in a pair of clean rubber soled shoes. In order to keep the ice clean you should carry these shoes in and change at the arena.
  • We also suggest warm flexible clothing. The arena portion of the club is not heated.
  • You may bring your own food and beverages, please help with clean up.

Check the calendar and upcoming events for the dates and times. There are usually a few scheduled in the late fall and early winter.

Upcoming Events

29 Oct 2021;
Spiel of the Dead
23 Dec 2021;
Festivus Bonspiel
13 Jan 2022;
Big Spiel